• Get rid of the paragraph menu and add Header and Preformatted buttons that do the same thing.
  • Add the styles menu.  Add a style for asking questions.
  • make a plugin that prevents the insertion point from being hidden behind the toolbar.
  • reject divs with id="_firebugConsole" and preferably all trailing blanks in the document.  Can this be done in ckeditor?
  • Preformatted lines are displayed poorly on MythTV/WinTV-HVR-950
  • Make the side bar work.  Port Andy's site to it.  Maybe http://gitref.org too.
  • Add keyboard shortcuts to start and stop the editor (control-s should definitely save)
  • Add keyboard shortcuts to the tooltips.
  • show history iki-style with cgit or gitweb
  • ignore double-spaces (i.e. don't insert  ).
  • replace icons for indent, unindent, and remove format with the ones from gmail's editor
  • list all broken links
  • list all orphans
  • picture uploads
  • get rid of the unlink button.  should be able to remove a link using the link dialog.
  • make a global find/replace, one that can operate on every page in the site.
  • is there some way we can preview links?  (maybe there's no need if the link dialog works properly -- autocomplete page names and
  • keep track of each page's creation date and last updated date.  these aren't cheap to get from git so we'll probably have to cache them.  Also, the wiki conversion makes a lot of pages look more recent than they are.
  • convert to node.js so we can do live updates.
  • add search.  use an awesome search engine so you always get results and they're ranked by relevance, and give it autocompletion.
  • implement categories very much like mediawiki.  See Mediawiki_Plugin/Category_Notes for inspiration.
  • page inclusion (probably requires uneditable areas from ckeditor 3.4)
  • rss feeds or something...  some way of following topics.
  • make the anchor work.  the anchor info should appear on hover maybe?  ask people how they would expect it to work.
  • is it possible to serve up an entire directory as a .tar.gz?  downloding the conversion scripts one-by-one would be a hassle.
  • make 404 errors do a search on the page name / path.
  • google site map?  seo?

When Ready

Done - GoPost June 2010 - present

  • Converted content to html fragments, imported into gopost.
  • fix external links showing up distinct from internal.
  • write rack tests to ensure reading and writing pages works.
  • hide the anchors, remove anchors from my content.
  • Add a way to cancel the current edit. 
  • Fix creating subpages when parent dir doesn't exist and write a test.
  • Start fixing the toolbar.  add headers and the styles I use.

Done - Ikiwiki  April 2008 - June 2010

Done - Mediawiki June 2006 - April 2008

  • didn't do much.