These pages contain some information on installing and running VMWare.


VMWare is easily the most mature VM solution for Linux. The GUI tools are beautiful and easy to use. So, what's not to like? The licensing. For me, it's a showstopper. You've never known frustration until you're on a tight deadline and VMWare refuses to boot your VM due to its own licensing bug. This is a package that I bought and have been using legally since day 1, and now it needlessly caused me to miss a deadline.  No matter how friendly the GUI is, it can't make up for that.

Ever since that incident, I tend to avoid VMWare when I can. There are so many other virtualization technologies out there. When testing web pages under IE5 and IE6, I use ies4linux on Wine. If I need to run an app and Wine won't work (say, because of font spacing issues), generally KVM or VirtualBox will work just fine.

I'll use VMWare if a client wants, as long as they're already running a full VMWare stack and they're handling the licensing issues entirely themselves. Otherwise, I'll recommend a solution that doesn't take such annual hand-holding.


(now mostly using KVM, don't expect to add much content here anymore)