This page contains a number of the problems encountered in Feisty and hopefully the workarounds.


USB printers can't be found

My USB printers worked 100% in Edgy. Now, in Feisty, cups won't detect them and, if I enter them manually, it claims "printer XXX disconnected; waiting 30 sec..." I can run "escputil -r /dev/lpusb0 -i" and see the ink levels just fine, so it's not a kernel problem.

related No it's not, that error is busy, not disconnected.

$ lpinfo -v doesn't show it.


  • Add FileDevice Yes to /etc/cups/cupsd.conf and then run /etc/init.d/cupsys restart.
  • Use http://localhost:631 and go to Modify Printer. Device is AppSocket/HP JetDirect. Device URI was originally usb://EPSON/Stylus%20C80, I set it to file://dev/usblp0.
  • Finally, I needed to chmod a+rw /dev/usblp0. No idea why. Now it works.

Probably just the chmod a+rw /dev/usblp0 is all that's needed.

vmware or


Python Breakage

Python is, as always, totally broken. If you want to run Python command-line apps, it's easy to use pbuilder to set up a temporary Edgy environment. JUST DON'T BIND-MOUNT YOUR HOME DIRECTORY. Bind-mount a temporary one, and copy your files in. Otherwise, there's a very good chance that your entire home directory will be blown away when you exit pbuilder.


CPU meter claims 100%

On my dual-core Athlon 64, sometimes the CPU frequency applet comes up showing the CPU pegged. Sometimes it shows the correct values. If it works right after boot, it always works, and if it's pegged right after boot, it's always pegged. Rebooting until it works fixes it... until you need to reboot again.

I'm sure the CPU is not actually at 100% because the temps are too low. This doesn't appear to be related.

Laptop Backlight Remains at Dimmest Setting

  $ killall gnome-power-manager

You lose the benefit of having the power manager but at least now you can see your screen.