Aptana -- An editor that could not escape the burden of Eclipse

Cherokee -- Small Web Server

CKeditor -- wrote a lot of docs before realizing it's terrible

Eclipse -- Like Emacs but bigger and slower.

Erlang / Erlide -- Another easy-to-write language.

Git -- Linus's Version Control

Hobo / HoboIntro -- a hell of a layer on top of Rails

HTML -- Markup Notes

KVM -- Kernel Virtual Machine

LVM -- Logical Volume Manager

LXC -- Containers on Linux, they always almost work

Linux-VServer -- Pseudo Virtual Machine

Partitioning -- Partition Tables

Perforce -- Expensive Old Version Control

Postgres -- An awesome DBMS

Rails -- Notes on Ruby on Rails

RadRails -- Using the RadRails IDE

Scrubyt -- An overbearing Ruby scraping library

sudo -- Notes on sudo configs

Synce -- Copying contacts to a Windows Mobile phone

Video -- some video conversion tricks

VMWare -- good virtualization but not the best


muTest -- Yet another C unit test framework

Exim -- another MTA...  Wish I liked it more than Postfix.

Blog Editing Software -- summary: it sucks.  all of it.