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This is a quick reference for service handling in FC7.


  • runlevel 1: Single-User Mode (maintenance mode)
  • runlevel 2: Multi-User Mode
  • runlevel 3: Multi-User Mode with Networking
  • runlevel 4: custom used at some sites. by default, set the same as runlevel 3.
  • runlevel 5: X11 (runlevel 3 + X)
  • runlevel 6: shutting down

To tell what runlevel you're in:

# runlevel

To determine what runlevel the system will enter on the next boot:

# cat /etc/inittab | grep :initdefault:

To switch to runlevel 2 immediately:

# init 2

To switch runlevels at next boot: change the initdefault variable in /etc/inittab

Enabling / Disabling Services

To see services that are enabled for each runlevel:

# chkconfig --list

To see what services are currently running:

# service --status-all

To check the status of the crond service:

# service crond status

To enable crond in runleves 3 and 5:

# chkconfig --level 35 crond on

You can also run system-config-services in the GUI or ntsysv at the command line.

To start the crond service:

# service crond start

To see what other actions we can tell the crond service to perform: (usually start, stop, status, reload, restart)

# service crond