Notes on MythTV

Final Thoughts

It's very painful to set up and maintain a MythTV system.  I lived for 3 years in the shadow of Sutro Tower while the DVB switchover happened.  That should have been an ideal environment for a dual-tuner Myth system.

Well, after some effort I got things working but found:

  • Terrestrial ATSC will never be 100% reliable.  I was shocked that I couldn't always get a good signal 1/2 mile from the broadcast antenna.  Glitches in an analog signal are far more tolerable than glitches in a digital one, which can end up reverberating across the image for seconds.
  • MythTV is bloated and painful to set up.  Seriously, it is beyond overcomplex.  All I want to do is record channels at set times and watch those recordings!
  • It takes a lot of time and dilligence to set up the shows to record.  You must check the schedule listings weekly, and keep an eye on things to make sure rewordings don't mess you up.
  • Remote controls suck.  I tried a no-name RF remote that was OK, but was laggy and had poor autorepeat performance.  So I decided to go name brand and bought an ATI Remote Wonder which brought me to a whole new awareness of suckage.  The remote itself felt a lot cheesier, it was laggier and less reliable, and autorepeat was worse!  Just get a wireless keyboard with built-in trackball.  Same price, totally reliable, perfect autorepeat, zero lag.  You'll be MUCH happier.

So, I chucked it all out in favor of Hulu and bittorrent.  Much nicer!