I wish I could like EpiOS. Its installer, when it works, is slicker'n snot. It's a very polished package and includes as much hardware acceleration as possible. Alas, it clearly intends to be a desktop OS and is therefore super heavyweight. I need a lean machine, not KDE!

After spending a few hours trying to trim down EpiOS, I now realize that it's probably better to go in the opposite direction. I should continue my from-scratch Gentoo install, cribbing from EpiOS when I need to get hardware features to work. I'll definitely keep an EpiOS partition running so I can easily swap over and compare performance.

Install EpiOS

  1. Have a spare hard drive partition of at least 3.2 GB ready for EpiOS. It will erase the entire partition.
  2. Download the latest EpiOS image and burn it to CD. This is a good mirror: http://epios.blogplanet.ca/java/www?html=main
  3. Boot it on a machine with a monitor thant can do at least 800x600. Without good cable sense, it comes up in 640x480. The install is impossible at such a low resolution.
  4. The installer is very well made. The install itself is trivial.

Update EpiOS

The latest image is from January. There are a number of things that have changed since then. http://epios.net/viewtopic.php?t=460