Cherokee is a pretty awesome httpd but its documentation is rather lacking. This page is relevant for 0.5.5.


This is how to make a non-global Cherokee. You must then change a few things in your config files.

./configure --enable-trace --disable-tls --disable-ipv6 --sysconfdir=/home/bronson/lyris/cherokee/test/etc --prefix=/home/bronson/lyris/cherokee/test --with-wwwroot=/home/bronson/lyris/cherokee/test/www

Cherokee normally runs as a whole bunch of tiny plugins. If you want to compile it as a monolithic application, configure with:

  --enable-static-module=all --enable-static --enable-shared=no

If you want debugging symbols, run

make CFLAGS="-O0 -g"


First, make sure you configured Cherokee with --enable-trace

Then run:

CHEROKEE_TRACE=all sbin/cherokee
CHEROKEE_TRACE=handler sbin/cherokee
CHEROKEE_TRACE=thread sbin/cherokee
CHEROKEE_TRACE=handler,thread sbin/cherokee