Trying to get a reliable OS on this M-10000 board has been an utter nightmare. I started with Ubuntu Hoary but it had serious display problems. Tried Dapper, same problems. Tried Red Hat FC5 but found a number of things very hard to work with (patching to support temp sensors, kernel options, etc). Tried EpiOS but back then it was pretty rocky. I finally spent 2 days bootstrapping Gentoo (that's a few hours of manual labor and 2 days to compile), and that actually worked really well.

Update: and it takes a day of compiling any time I want to make a change.  Installing Gentoo is possible, but maintaining it native is unrealistic and cross-compiling is too much of a PITA to consider.  I guess this is the end.


Current Custom Gentoo Setup:


CFLAGS="-march=i686 -msse -mmmx -mfpmath=sse -Os -pipe"
 USE="X mysql geometry mythtv dbus apache2 alsa dts dv dvb dvd dvdread vcd joystick usb lirc cdr transcode mmx sse aac cdparanoia divx4linux live real matroska quicktime samba theora sse v4l2 xanim xvid win32codecs mng encode lzo cle266 ffmpeg expat next gps graphviz -kde -motif -ipv6"

Features: HW MPEG: GL Accel:

There are a number of problems that GPE has already solved. Like configuring the wireless connection, adding/removing media, managing files, etc. It also has strong support for onscreen keyboards including data entry using dasher. Finally, it keeps things modular. Basing a car computer on GPE ensures that even if part of your system is abandoned, other parts will continue to be useful. It's not the all-or-nothing deal that has been plaguing us to date.

Disk: 400 GB Seagate Barracuda. A good disk, silent, but it runs a little hot for my taste. cfdisk can't edit this partition map so you need to use parted or gparted.

/dev/hdb1 10GB ext3 Main Gentoo partition (backup on Fujitsu hda2)
/dev/hdb2 6 GB ext3 Gentoo backup? Actaully, prolly just back up to hdb5!
/dev/hdb3 6 GB ext3 EpiOS Install (backup on Fujitsu)
/dev/hdb4 360 GB extended Extended Partition
/dev/hdb5 355 GB ext3 Media Partition, mount read-only
/dev/hdb6 1 GB swap Swap for all OSes (don't use when on the road)
/dev/hdb7 1 GB ext3 car2pc demo partition
/dev/hdb8 1.4 GB ext3 large prototype partition
/dev/hdb9 1 GB ext3 Small prototype partition


  • Find a 2.5" drive suitable to replace the 400 GB monster.