This is one of the programs I'm considering for the moving map display in my Car.

Having trouble building it.


sed -i "s/\-lmygcc//g"
   sed -i "s/\-DG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED//g"

A much better solution to the second problem is to patch out the deprecated API.

Otherwise the build complains about not being able to find mygcc, GMemChunk or g_mem_chunk_new.

Now Roadster runs but the UI is totally unresponsive. Everything looks OK, menus pull down, items get checked, but nothing happens. Not even when I select Quit or About. I'm also getting a lot of Roadster glade warnings which is probably related.

There are also embedded MySQL issues that I haven't sorted through. MySQL seems to be unwilling to run embedded and server at the same time, and embedded wants root access. Isn't the whole point of embedded that it runs on the local filesystem with the perms of the current user?

So, I'm out of time. Roadster won't run for this trip.  Damn.