It's a bunch of random notes from a bunch of random projects.  This site has been effectively frozen in time since early 2010.

This content started on a MediaWiki install in 2006, moved to ikiwiki in 2008, and finally ended up in a custom Git-based Wiki/CMS proof-of-concept in 2009.  Unfortunately, the proof of of concept used a sloppy web-based text editor that scrambled the markup*.  This is the last stop.

One day I might try again, but I'm certainly not going to use some insane editor that can't even reliably edit its own markup.  Turns out text editing is harder than it looks.

* For example, instead of indenting with a <blockquote> element, the editor (CKeditor) adds style="left-margin:150px" to each element.  Good luck trying to work witht that sensibly!